Here are some fun ideas to do with your children while celebrating the end of the year and the Holidays!

“Using 12 blank pieces of paper or individual cards, write down the fun activities below on each card:

  1. “Write Holiday Cards for your neighbors or stuffed animals.
  2. “Learn how to sing a new Holiday song.
  3. “Go on a nature walk and pick different fun things (twigs, pine cones, acorns, rocks, seeds, etc) – then make some ornaments with those newfound objects.
  4. “Choose toys that you don’t play with anymore and donate them.
  5. “Learn how to say ‘Happy Holidays’ in a different language and call someone on the phone to share this with them.
  6. “Make a family video of everyone singing a favorite Holiday song. Make sure to dress-up, and be goofy!
  7. “Build a snow (or mud) man outdoors. Use a carrot for the nose, twigs for the arms, and a hat and scarf for decoration.
  8. “Write a family Holiday Book. Use pictures of everyone in the family and write funny stories about each member of the family.
  9. “Make gifts or ornaments for the neighbors.
  10. “Use an empty box to create a Holiday atmosphere/room for some plastic or wooden figurines.
  11. “Have a dance party with Holiday songs. One person pauses the music, and everyone else has to freeze. The first person to move needs to tell everyone else a joke.
  12. “Learn a Holiday song in a different language! Then make a video of it.

“You can do a few activities every day leading up to the end of the year, or you can do them all in one day…”

“Happy Holidays!

“Much love and greetings, Camila”

Written by Camila Titone, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

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