Three Fun Holiday Activities to Play with Your Child on the Autism Spectrum

“Pin the nose on the snowman!

1. “Print off an image of a cartoon snowman and an image of a carrot from the internet.

2. “Cut the carrot out with scissors, and put some tape on the back. The carrot will act as the snowman’s nose.

3. “Tape the snowman to the wall of the playroom.

4. “When your child is attending to you, use a hat or a scarf to blindfold yourself.

5. “Entertain your child by turning yourself around three times with the blindfold. Attempt to pin the carrot nose to the correct place on the snowman.

6. “The goofier you are with this, the more fun it will be. Perhaps the carrot ends up on top of the snowman’s head, on the ground, or high up in the air.

7. “You can pretend to become dizzy and pin the carrot to your face for extra comedic value.


“Open the gift!

1. “Take any medium-sized toy, such as a ball or a book, to act as a gift.

2. “Wrap this gift up using several pieces of gift wrap and secure it with tape.

3. “Wear two oven mitts on your hands, and Entertain your child by attempting to begin to open some of the gift. It will be difficult, but it will be amusing for your child to watch you clumsily trying to open this gift.

4. “If your child is motivated, invite them to attempt to open the gift, too, while wearing the oven mitts. Take turns opening the gift. When the gift is on the last layer, give your child a chance to open the final layer of the gift wrap, revealing the toy inside.


“Find the jingle bells!

1. “Hide a bell that jingles somewhere in your clothing. It could be in the hood of your sweater, underneath a hat, in your sock, or up your sleeve.

2. “Entertain your child by walking around energetically so that the bell jingles inside your clothes.

3. “Pretend you lost your bell and have no idea where it went. Act confused and shrug your shoulders while explaining to your child that you need to find the missing bells.


“Happy Holidays!”

Becky Damgaard, Senior Son-Rise Program  Teacher

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