When you love someone with Autism

“When you love someone with Autism… you learn that you don’t need as much to fulfill your life anymore. That there are things more important than worrying about the judgments of others. You can fill yourself with love for someone without needing anything back.

“You realize that acceptance starts with you and how complete you can feel in the presence of another without needing validation. It becomes clear that feeling connected with someone doesn’t have to be created through words. That mindless chatter fades into the background and you become more purposeful with how you speak. You say much less and mean much more.

“You discover how to celebrate more often, delight more deeply, and to feel joy from the tips of your fingers to the ends of your toes. You tend to let go sooner and laugh a whole lot more. You find beauty in the details, art in everything you see, and music in the silence.

“You learn how to sink deep into someone else’s world, to immerse yourself in things that you may never have noticed before. You see, taking time to get to know someone with Autism may just be the best gift you could ever receive. When you love someone with Autism, it is truly, madly, deeply… the gift that keeps on giving.”

Becky Damgaard, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

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