3 Important Son-Rise Program Beliefs

1. Autism is a social-relational challenge.

“It’s very commonplace to approach autism as if it’s a behavioral disorder. Autism can also be referred to as a learning disorder, a language deficit, or an intellectual disability, among many other things. The Son-Rise Program at the Autism Treatment Center of America finds our children’s most significant challenges as social and relational. Your child has difficulty connecting and relating to people. One of the core techniques we teach you is how to work on your child’s Interactive Attention Span; lengthening and enriching the amount of time they engage with another person is the basis of all other skill acquisition.

2. Your child’s repetitive activities (stims) are necessary and valuable.

“Those on the autism spectrum engage in repetitive activities (stimming behaviors). Perhaps your child runs back and forth, jumps up and down, lines up objects, or tells the same story repeatedly. We have found stimming to be hugely helpful to our children. Stims are calming, soothing, and extremely regulating for your child. Your child can experience the world as unpredictable and random and can also become overstimulated by sensory input. Retreating to their familiar, repetitive activities can be a haven for your child. It helps them gain access to more control and to be able to make sense of things. Holding this belief will accelerate your Son-Rise Program and enable you to fully apply the attitudinal and technical component of Joining (relationship building) with your child.

3. A loving and accepting attitude invites optimal engagement.

“You want to offer your child the greatest chance to connect and relate to you, right? People on the autism spectrum have a heightened attitudinal radar. They can sense when people are uncomfortable, impatient, or stressed. Prioritizing and maintaining your own loving and accepting attitude will enable you to create the most loving, nurturing connection with your exceptional child, and they will be more responsive to you. This is a complete game-changer. Holding a loving and accepting attitude is certainly not about being perfect. The Son-Rise Program is a caring and non-judgmental approach that supports you in being compassionate and kind to yourself and your child.

“We are so excited for you to adopt these beliefs with your child and encourage you to learn more about our educational techniques.”

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Written by a Son-Rise Program Teacher

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