Predictability – The Key that Allows your Child to Thrive

“Predictability can have a powerful impact on a person’s emotional well-being. Predictability gives us a sense of control over our relationship with the world and the people around us, which helps us to feel safe.

“If having a sense of control and predictability is important for the Neurotypical mind, it is a thousand times more important for the autistic mind…

“Your child on the autism spectrum has difficulty understanding social patterns and behaviors; therefore, the actions of others can seem completely haphazard. Additionally, your child has a huge challenge processing sensory input, making the world around them seem very chaotic and overwhelming at times.

“In this view, your child’s ‘hunger’ for structure and routine, the so-called ‘autistic behaviors,’ are, in fact, a coping mechanism that allows your child to create an island of predictability in an ocean of randomness and chaos.

“Your child absolutely needs predictability to feel safe and thrive in life!!

“There is no other approach to autism that gives your child a sense of predictability and control (that they need) like The Son-Rise Program from the Autism Treatment Center of America does. This is the reason why Son-Rise Program children are sooooo happy, confident, and able to engage and learn! We say in The Son-Rise Program, ‘the more control we give, the more permission we get.’ When parents and caregivers give their children a sense of control and predictability, their children relax and participate more in the things the parents want for them.

“By creating more predictability in your child’s daily life, you will be helping them on so many levels. Here are some of the benefits:

  • “Your child will be able to relax and come out of ‘fight or flight’ mode.
  • “Your child will be more interested in engaging with people and the world around them.
  • “Your child will be able to learn and take in the world more easily.
  • “A calmer and happier child equals a calmer and happier family.
  • “The rest of the world will be nicer and kinder to your child.

“You can create more predictability in your child’s life by doing the following:

  • “Explain everything to your child that affects them (about their physical body and routine) as you would to a neurotypical sibling or peer. Your child might have a challenge communicating, but they understand way more than most people give them credit for.

“For example, before helping your child with getting dressed or before moving them, explain to them what you are about to do and why.

  • “Avoid moving or physically manipulating your child. This can be very startling and over-stimulating for your child’s sensory system.
  • “Create a daily schedule and explain to your child what their day is going to look like. If there are changes in the routine, let them know in advance. Explain why these changes are happening.
  • “Allow your child to carry their ism toys (stimming toys) with them wherever they go.
  • “Allow your child to talk and do their ism behaviors (stimming). When possible, Join your child and do their ism behaviors with them!
  • “Celebrate and express your appreciation for your child as much as you can. Showing appreciation takes away the pressure your child might feel when engaging with other people, especially adults, who put demands and have expectations on how your child needs to behave.

“Biggest take away from this article 😊:

“Join your child and do their ism behaviors with them! This is creating predictability on steroids!!! You and your child will move up the feeling-safe and connection ladder much faster when you fully embrace The Son-Rise Program Joining technique. When you do this, you and the world will become more predictable to your child.”

Camila Titone, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

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