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No 3e’s!

FROM WILLIAM: So you have been to the Son-Rise Program Start-Up (and maybe other training programs) and have a solid foundation of what to do in the playroom with your child. Even with all that knowledge you may find at times that you don’t have the 3e’s or join when your child is isming or…
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Creativity Exercises for Your Group Meetings

FROM SIMONE – Most volunteers I have worked with were, to start with, adept of the belief that they were not creative people. Other popular beliefs were that you were either born creative or not and that their ideas were never fun or funny. I would like to demystify these 3 beliefs. Everybody can be…
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The 3E’s – Changing Your Voice


A Steps Game Idea

FROM SIMONE – My son loves going up and down staircases so I came up with this game to use his motivation. I printed, cut and laminated strips with actions written on them. The writing in red colour of minimum 3″ in size is on purpose to stimulate the side of the brain which deals…
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Another Game Idea! Meow, Meow, Meow!

FROM KATE: Today, you get a chance to channel your inner cat (or, your inner Kat, as this fabulous facilitator is named Katrina). Go ahead, release your playful self and have a fabulous time with your child. Love, Kate

Today is Your Day!!!

FROM KIM: I want to invite all of you amazing, wonderful and playful people out there to create time in your day to PLAY!! Afterall, as the saying goes “practice makes perfect”, and since many of you reading this are Son-Rise Program parents to incredibe children – lets show them how much fun we really…
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The Sound of Silence

FROM SIMONE – We live in a language world. People use language as the main means of communication and expression but they tend to forget it is not the only means of communication, in fact if your child does not speak very much they will be picking up in all sorts of messages from you…
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Give Your Child Something to Look at!

FROM WILLIAM: I just finished working with a wonderful boy, here in our Son-Rise Program Intensive playroom. One of his main challenges was attention span, it was very short. During my time with him, he was isming pretty strongly – sitting at the table that was covered with an assortment of different objects. A plastic…
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A Harry Potter Game Idea

FROM SIMONE – If your child likes Harry Potter, or even if your child doesn’t exactly know Harry Potter but enjoys big movements, funny words and slapstick you could use this game idea. You could dress up with a wizard hat made out of a cardboard cone and use anything as a wand that it…
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Feedback to Basics

FROM SIMONE – The Son-Rise Program is so unique because unlike other programs it works through the principles of a philosophy, The Option Process. Everything we do, our attitude, not just with our children, but with our team relates to the Option Process. Being a philosophy of love and non-judgement, using its principles to give…
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