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From Alison: Once more into the playroom dear friends!

I have just been away to the Option Institute for two weeks to do the Group Facilitation Program and I was wondering how things would be on the playroom front on my return, Here’s what happened:I was particularly excited as I walked in through the playroom door after nearly three weeks away, there is something…
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Back by Popular Demand!

From kate Wilde: Hello Everyone!Click on the video below for a little inspiration in keeping your energy levels up this Holiday season. Looking forward to spending another year helping children on the Autism Spectrum and their families.Much love to you allKate and Jack

Be Silly

Hello Again!There at The Autism Treatment Center of America being silly is on the menu everyday. All children whether they are on the Autism Spectrum or not can be touched and reached by silliness.Silliness knows no bounds -when we are silly there is no right or wrong, good or bad, just a delight in what…
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Enjoy this wonderful song written and performed with delight and enthusiasm by our Son-Rise Program Maximum Impact participants. At our Son-Rise Program Advanced Training courses, each parent learns nitty-gritty specifics of how to help their child (or “children” as a number of the parents you see singing have 2 autistic children) but more importantly get…
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Generating Enthusiasm

Hi Everyone, Today I want to share with you a short video clip that was sent to me. When I watched the clip, it reminded me of how wonderful it is to work at The Autism Treatment Center of America. I am surrounded by a team of Teachers and Child Facilitators who are always choosing…
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Energy Enthusiam and Excitement

Here at The autism Treatment Center of America everything we do, we do with Energy Enthusiasm and Excitement – the keys to creating fun, creative and joyful interactions with our children on the Autism Spectrum. Click on the video below for a tip to kick start your enthusiasm! Or if you are on face book…
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Fun Creator!

The Son Rise Program playroom is one of the places where I feel truly alive. I can do anything in the playroom! The best part of this is, the more fun I have, the more fun I believe the children have. This was demonstrated to me very well yesterday. I was joining this amazing young…
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Big Mountains to Climb

A note from Julie:OK! ! need some love:My husband is in the army, he was deployed last year, and has been here & gone quite a bit over the last few months… my daughter (5) is a daddy’s girl (so was i) and each time he leaves, she gets very anxious. and the old isms…
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Back to Basics

Hi. I’m a Son-Rise Mum and I have been running a programme for 5 years. Has it been hard? Yes. Has it been glorious? Yes. Is my daughter still autistic? Yes. Did I hope otherwise? Yes. So many Yes’s. But the hardest one has been Back to Basics. You see, when we started, my daughter…
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The Power of Being Silly

There is something about this sweet little video that felt so good to my heart. I love knowing that there are people in the world who believe in random acts of silliness. The impact of our love and silliness on those around us is such a profound and beautiful gift. When we are willing to…
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