Category: Asperger’s Syndrome


From Kate WildeI started to run maybe 10 weeks ago. This was a complete spontaneous action produced by my body, and my body alone. One day I was walking fast on the tread mill and my body spontaneously started to run. It took me totally by surprise as I had no awareness of telling my…
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Colorful Language!!!

FROM WILLIAM: Recently we had a family come to our Son-Rise Program Intensive with their wonderful 9yr old son who was High Functioning / Aspergers. Two of his main repetitious activities were basket ball and talking about Dr Who (an English TV program) and all the bad guys the Dr has to overcome like Daleks,…
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The Miracle of Joining

FROM SIMONE: I was born with epilepsy of the fainting type. After the several tests and scans they performed they also gave me a second and strange diagnosis, “Arrhythmia of the brain” which meant that my brain waves “ticked” faster than usual. Thirty seven years later when my son was diagnosed with autism I came…
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