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What is interactive attention span?

By Becky Damgaard, Son-Rise Program® Senior Teacher Simply put, Interactive Attention Span is our children being able to be present with another person for a period of time (they could be

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Five helpful tips for CREATIVITY!!!

Article by: Kim Korpady Son-Rise Program®Team Trainer & Professional Training Coordinator In The Son-Rise Program® we see creativity as a key piece in helping form a deep connection to our

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Motivation is the key to all social interactions

Article by: Camila Titone Son-Rise Program® Teacher Senior Son-Rise Program® Child Facilitator This morning I was in the Son-Rise Program® playroom, here at the Autism Treatment Center of

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Simple games to introduce to your child with Autism

If you are searching for the perfect game idea then look no further. This article will give you ideas for how to turn easy household objects in to interactive play back and forth with your child.

Attention SpanFun and Games

Hello Everyone, The Autism Treatment Center of America brings you another theme idea to bring into your Son-Rise Program playrooms. These games all center around one huge cardboard box, and are