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Chair Games

Good Morning! This Friday we bring you Chair Games! Bring a chair into your Son-Rise Program playroom and add a creative twist to old games and introduce new games. Just click on the video below to see. Let us know what other games you get up to with your chairs. With much love to youKate

10 Fun Games with a Blanket!

FROM JACK: Howdy fellow Son-Risers! Blankets are wonderful things to have in your playrooms. They are so versatile and lend themselves to so many different games. At the Autism Treatment Center of America we nearly always put blankets in our playrooms, and I often recommend them to the families I do in-home outreaches with here…
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The 3E’s – Changing Your Voice


Passionate about Persistence!

FROM JACK: Howdy folks! Wow – as a Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator, I am constantly blown away by the power of this therapy, the simplicity of our techniques and the profound nature of the Son-Rise Program attitude. Today I want to talk about one really important attitudinal piece:PERSISTENCE! I doing on outreach with a little…
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