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A Letter From a Long Time Son-Rise Program Mum to All of You!

You are just the person with whom I so want to connect.  I have a now 27 year old son, Sean, on the Autism Spectrum, and like you, have been on a very long and winding road with this wonderfully special child of mine. I have long wanted to help put together a program for…
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A Guide to Approaching the Holidays with Your Child

Would you like to move through this holiday season with more comfort and ease? Please know that we absolutely want to help you achieve this. Below, we have laid out some steps that will help you create a fun, relaxed and special experience for you, your beautiful child and your entire family. 1) Allow your child…
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What to Do When Potty Training Efforts Have Stalled

Potty training takes persistence and patience on the part of any parent, but this goes double for the parents of children challenged by autism and autism spectrum disorders. Your child may have difficulty giving up established routines, communicating, have sensory issues or even have low muscle tone, all of which can make toilet training into…
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Understanding the Difference Between Meltdowns & Tantrums

Tantrums and meltdowns are hard to understand, tough to prevent, and seemingly impossible to handle when they happen. Meltdowns and tantrums can look alike at first glance, especially when your child is in the middle of one, but the two are actually very different. This is particularly true for children with sensory processing issues, like…
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A Special Message To You From Bears About Volunteers!

Dear Son-Rise Program Moms & Dads, Please read and share with your volunteers – this will inspire and reaffirm how working with your child with autism will also be life-changing for them!!! Love, Bears (Barry Neil Kaufman, Son-Rise Program Co-Creator) THIS IS A SUPER SPECIAL EMAIL from LauRha who worked as a volunteer in the very…
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Fully Recovered From Autism: Jake’s Son-Rise Program Journey

Brian and his wife, Susan, came to the Autism Treatment Center of America® in 1998 to attend the Son-Rise Program Start-Up. Since Jake’s recovery in 2002 Brian and his wife joined the staff here at the Autism Treatment Center of America and have supported thousands of parents. Here’s Jake’s Journey: Jake has fully recovered from…
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Top 7 Autism Books We Recommend for the Entire Family

We have families reach out to us all the time looking for books or resources to really help them understand and ultimately find ways to better support their children with Autism. We have listed our top 7 favorite Autism Books we often recommend for families seeking advice on dietary needs, ways to approach autism, and…
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Is My Child Autistic?

Suspecting that your child may have autism can be both frightening and overwhelming. Find out whether you need to make an appointment with your pediatrician.

early signs of autism

Early Signs of Autism

If you are the parents of a child you think might be on the autism spectrum, the first thing for you to know is that you don’t have to be afraid. There is help out there that can really change things for your lovely child. And if you’ve heard that an autism diagnosis is a…
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Autism Parenting: Should We Do the Opposite of What Everyone’s Telling Us?

Article by: Raun K. Kaufman Director of Global Education Autism Treatment Center of America® Facing the turmoil of an autism diagnosis, it’s totally understandable for us to feel pressured into using an approach with our children that doesn’t feel right to us. Most parents of children on the autism spectrum have been told that they…
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