A Guide to Approaching the Holidays with Your Child

Would you like to move through this holiday season with more comfort and ease? Please know that we absolutely want to help you achieve this. Below, we have laid out some steps that will help you

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Top 7 Autism Books We Recommend for the Entire Family

We have families reach out to us all the time looking for books or resources to really help them understand and ultimately find ways to better support their children with Autism. We have listed


More on Eating New Foods!

FROM BECKY: This is the last in my series of blogs for inspiring your child to eat new foods. My last two blogs have been about how to introduce new foods to your child, this one is focused more


Eating New Foods!

FROM BECKY: This is the first in a series of blogs on helping our children eat new foods. The Son-Rise Program way. Does your child only tend to eat two or three types of food? Do they turn their


Love your Food

FROM SIMONE – I was probably one of the fussiest eaters ever. My epilepsy, of the fainting type, made sure I was unconscious most of the day, so I had no time to eat, my multiple food