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Eye Contact!

FROM BECKY: Here at The Son-Rise Program, one of the main things we focus on is helping our children to look at us more. Here are 20 different things you can say when celebrating your child with autism’s eye contact. 1) Thank you for looking at me! 2) That was a great look! 3) I…
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Deepening The Interaction

From Kate Wilde: This weeks video blogs talks about two concepts – “moving away” and “anticipation” and how you can use these within a game already in progress to encourage your child to lengthen their eye contact and deepen their interaction and connection within the game. Enjoy your children and all they offer you this…
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From Kate Wilde I often ponder the question: “How do we inspire another person to do something they were not really intending to do?” Because that is what we are trying to do when we work with our autistic children using The Son-Rise Program. Our childrens’ challenge is being able to deeply connect and interact…
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Hoop Games

Good Morning Everyone! The Autism Treatment Center of America sends you your Friday game! Enjoy trying these different hoop ideas with your children. These ideas are great to help your child look at you more, talk to you more and start to play imagination games. With much love to youKate

10 Fun Games with a Blanket!

FROM JACK: Howdy fellow Son-Risers! Blankets are wonderful things to have in your playrooms. They are so versatile and lend themselves to so many different games. At the Autism Treatment Center of America we nearly always put blankets in our playrooms, and I often recommend them to the families I do in-home outreaches with here…
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Funny Face Code Game

FROM KATE: Good Morning!!!! Another fun game from The Autism Treatment Center of America – this game is designed for a child who is in stage 3-5 of the Son-Rise Program Developmental Model. It was created to help autistic children learn the skill of looking at a person’s face to see what they are saying.…
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The 3E’s – Changing Your Voice


Give Your Child Something to Look at!

FROM WILLIAM: I just finished working with a wonderful boy, here in our Son-Rise Program Intensive playroom. One of his main challenges was attention span, it was very short. During my time with him, he was isming pretty strongly – sitting at the table that was covered with an assortment of different objects. A plastic…
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Game Idea – Inspire Your Child to Look More!

FROM KATE: Hello everyone! Here are some fun ideas for you to try to help your children look more – using your creativity and your 3Es! If you’re viewing this post from Facebook, please click on the title of this post and then “View Original Post” to get to the video. Watch and enjoy –…
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