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Tips on Training Volunteers

FROM SIMONE – As I mentioned in my previous blog about recruiting volunteers I was going to share my experience of running a Son-Rise Program since 2005, I am a Brazilian Mom to an English 9 year old autistic boy, we live in London in the United Kingdom. Before becoming a Son-Rise Program Mom I…
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Be what you want your volunteers to be

From Gaby: Be a happy detective when you look at your child, is one of the things we learn and use very often. Yesterday I was thinking about my feedbacks when I realized that I use the same principle when it comes to my volunteers. Be a happy detective when you want to find out…
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From Bears: Accountability with Excellence

A quote from Warren Buffet – “When you hire someone, you look for brains, energy and integrity, and if they don’t have the third, integrity, you better watch out, because the first two will (or can) kill you.” A bit over the top but the point is useful. Always ask for accountability with excellence. And…
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How Did You Feel Today?

FROM SIMONE: I am training a new volunteer and when doing feedback before I started to comment on my notes I asked the customary question: “How did you feel today?” She then asked me why we always ask this question and when I explained it to her it was great to give me a perspective…
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Substitution: Out Goes Sameness In Goes Daring Action

FROM SIMONE – In many team sports when a team is struggling to equalize a match or needs to win a game, the coach will make a substitution, he will try new tactics, bring new people in, do something it hasn’t been done before. The Son-Rise Program is as dynamic as a team sport. Although…
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Feedback to Basics

FROM SIMONE – The Son-Rise Program is so unique because unlike other programs it works through the principles of a philosophy, The Option Process. Everything we do, our attitude, not just with our children, but with our team relates to the Option Process. Being a philosophy of love and non-judgement, using its principles to give…
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