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Spring Time Games

It’s Spring Time at the Autism Treatment Center of America® Here are some game ideas you can use to have fun with your child: Game # 1: Butterfly Tickles Get a colorful scarf or a colorful

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Help your child play with you!

Use What Your Child Currently Loves To Do As A Way To Help Them Play With You! By Brandi Davis-Son-Rise Program® Senior Child Facilitator I would love to share with all of you how I helped our

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Determining if your child is ready for play

Help With Determining If Your Child Is Ready To Play: In The Son-Rise Program® we talk about Green Lights and Red Lights. If your child is giving you Red Lights they are indicating to you

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Tips for Introducing New Toys and Games to Your Child with Autism

Do you find that your child has a challenge with playing new games? Are they controlling when you introduce a new toy, or prop? Do they say “no,” or take those toys out of your hand?

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Focus on Fun First!

A few reasons why The Son-Rise Program® focuses on fun first! Your child wants to have fun just like other children do! Children on the Autism spectrum may need to take care of themselves and

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Budget Games!

FROM BECKY: I was recently asked for easy ideas for props/themes and games to play in a Son-Rise Program playroom that don’t break the bank and are convenient for people living in

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What to Do When Potty Training Efforts Have Stalled

Potty training takes persistence and patience on the part of any parent, but this goes double for the parents of children challenged by autism and autism spectrum disorders. Your child may have

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20+ Autism Games & Autism Activities Your Child Will Love

When you have a child with autism, the world can seem to get overwhelmingly serious and stressful. Thankfully, one of the most effective ways to connect with your child and encourage their

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Simple games to introduce to your child with Autism

If you are searching for the perfect game idea then look no further. This article will give you ideas for how to turn easy household objects in to interactive play back and forth with your child.