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10 Variations for a Blanket

Here are 10 things you can do with a blanket in your Son-Rise Program playroom 1)Roll your child up in it and pretend he/she is a hot dog. Experiment with adding mustard, ketchup and squeezing him/her in it. 2)Pretend that the blanket is a whirlwind whooshing around the room and have fun getting blown away…
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Games, Games, Games

Hello Everyone,Click on the video below, or on”view original post” and then on the video link to view another game from the Autism Treatment Center of America.This game is called, “Ipod”.Enjoy!Love Kate

10 Variations for Bubbles

In all my years of working with special children, I have seen many of them to be motivated by bubbles. One of the autism strategies we use at The Son-Rise Program is adding variations to activities to help our children be more flexible.Here are 10 things you can do with bubbles to keep them interesting…
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Yet Another Game Idea

Hello Again,To view another game idea from the Autism Treatment Center of America, just click on the video below. Or click on “view original post” and that will take you to a place where you can view the video.Enjoy playing with your children.Love Kate

10 Variations for a Therapy Ball

We are working with a child this week who loves to roll on the therapy balls that we have here in the Son-Rise Program playroom. Here are 10 creative things you can do with a therapy ball in your playroom. 1) Balance on it without your feet on the floor for as long as you…
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Another Game Idea

Hello Everyone,Click on the video below for another game idea to bring into your playrooms with your lovely children.Much love to everyoneKate

Another Game idea

Goal: Interactive Attention Span. Child’s motivation: logo’s and tiny things. Game 1. You photo copy a bunch of car logo’s, TV logo’s etc so that you can make them really really tiny.  2. Then you hide them around the room, eg sticking them on the table, on the window ledge, or on the floor.  3.…
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Game Idea

A Game to play with your child. A new version of hot or cold. Goal: To help your child read facile expressions of others. Game: 1. Hide something of interest in the room you are working with your child. If your child likes sharks you could hide a picture of a shark, if your child…
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