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No Distractions

I had the opportunity to play with the most gorgeous 6 year old boy from Scotland this morning in The Son-Rise Program Intensive. This boy was incredibly exclusive to begin with, busily arranging plastic letters, musical instruments and balls on top of the trampoline that we have in the playroom. During this time, he rarely…
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Honoring Our Staff

From Bears (Barry Neil Kaufman/Co-Founder/Son-Rise Program. I wanted to share with you an all staff email I just wrote to our staff….who just go above and beyond, all year, to be loving and supportive for so many moms, dads, professionals and volunteers wanting to learn the Son-Rise Program in order to help children with autism.…
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Take the Battle Out of Tooth Brushing.

So you bought the kiddie friendly toothbrush in the shape of Shrek and the kiddie friendly toothpaste that the adverts promised, “no child could resist.” Then why does your child with Autism run from the bathroom every time he sees the tooth brush? Its not that our children have a phobia of toothbrushes, its that…
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Eye Contact.

Most children and adults on the Autism Spectrum have challenges looking at people. I have also noticed that a lot of adults who are not on the Autism Spectrum also have challenges looking at people.Maybe this is why Facebook has become such a social phenomenon. Why can looking be so difficult for some people? Maybe…
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A Way of Describing Autism

Click on the title of this post to watch a fascinating video to see one persons description of autism. At The Son-Rise Program, we observe each individual child and work with their specific challenges. That is one of the things that sets us apart from other programs.

Celebrate, Come on Let’s Celebrate.

Today, let’s take one of the Son-Rise Program Principles we apply every day to our children and apply it to ourselves! How about celebrations? We celebrate our children when they look into our eyes, when they reach out and hold our hands, when they talk to us and interact with us. When I look at…
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I’m Yours

A couple of weeks ago, I shared about my little friend David who I volunteer with and the amazing progress he has been making in his Son-Rise Program. I often hear him humming and can never quite pick up on what tune it is. I recently found out that he has been humming is this…
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Myths about Autism

I have heard many myths about autism over the years and one of those myths is that people on the Autitm Spectrum don’t have a sense of humor. Click on the title of this post and watch an inspiring video by Marty Murphy. She is hilarious. How can you say that she doesn’t have a…
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Son-Rise Discussions on Facebook!

Become a fan of The Autism Treatment of America on face book, by clicking on the link below. And become part of the great discussions we are having about the Son-Rise Program and helping our special children. Read and take part in discussions about how to help our children communicate, what to do with…
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Language and Interaction

When we have a child who is on the Autism Spectrum who does not yet form words, (in a way that we can understand them), it is easy to think if only he could talk then all will fall into place, or verbal communication is his only challenge. However I know lots of children on…
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