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Tales from a Son-Rise Program Child Facilitator – why a playroom?

When I first began working with Robert one to one, he didn’t have a playroom. His parents were working on turning his bedroom into a playroom but hadn’t quite got that up and running yet so for now, I was going to learn the principles of The Son-Rise Program while playing with him around the…
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Good Morning!Yesterday an “Autism Expert” from England visited us at The Autism Treatment Center of America. She is responsible for the education of Autistic children in the school system in a region of England. She was a lovely, open, knowledgeable and dedicated lady. She was on vacation in Vermont with her husband celebrating their 40…
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Hello! This morning I was watching one of our amazing staff, Son-Rise Program Child facilitator, Camila Titone, playing with a 6 year old boy called Andrew….and what a charmer Andrew is. As I watched her leap around the room spreading joy as she said the word jump many times, I noticed that I myself was…
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