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What do you dream for your child with Autism?

“Lets allow ourselves to dream and hope…while believing that anything is possible for our little or big ones with autism.” Camila Titone, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

When you love someone with Autism

“When you love someone with Autism… you learn that you don’t need as much to fulfill your life anymore. That there are things more important than worrying about the judgments of others. You can fill yourself with love for someone without needing anything back. “You realize that acceptance starts with you and how complete you…
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Kindness Korner #9

Embracing each other’s differences! “We don’t always have to be the same or agree on the same things to be kind to one another. Embracing each other’s differences is loving, and kind and… can make life wonderfully interesting! “There are many ways your child on the autism spectrum can look or speak or behave ‘differently’…
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You have “Red Light” moments too … it’s not just your child on the Autism spectrum

“Have you noticed that sometimes you might be impatient and even rude to the very people who are the closest to you, who help you the most, and who are your biggest supporters? “Guess what! You are not alone… And wait, do you also then feel guilty for having shouted at the wonderful person who…
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“Become a BEST FRIEND to a child with AUTISM…by joining them in their world!!!! “Our children are only ‘along’ if there is no one to JOIN them in their world!!! “Let’s show them they have a FRIEND!” Camila Titone, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

How do we address the seemingly immeasurable list of things to do when parenting a child on the autism spectrum?

“From therapies to special diets, doctors’ appointments, sleepless nights, cooking, cleaning, keeping your child safe, researching, finding time for your other children… “Can anyone relate??? ‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.’ – Lao Tzu “We take one step at a time and trust that whatever we get done at that moment…
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“As a parent or caregiver of a child on the autism spectrum, you have probably heard countless messages about the perceived deficits of having autism. There has been much scientific research proving the brain of people on the spectrum is different from the brain of a neurotypical person. However, researchers are now starting to see…
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“Hello, wonderful Autism parent/caregiver!   “We at the Autism Treatment Center of America know that you, as a parent/caregiver of someone on the autism spectrum, often experience situations where your child does something you do not understand. In fact, I may have just described what could be your regular, daily experience.   “Having an attitude…
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The Parent – The Pillar of the Son-Rise Program

“One of The Son-Rise Program Principles taught by the Autism Treatment Center of America is that the Parent is the child’s best resource. No one knows the child or adult on the Autism Spectrum better than the parent, no professional or teacher, and no one loves the child in a more unconditional way than the…
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Gratitude is the heart of our Kindness Korner message #3!

“Probably one of the most powerful acts of Kindness we can perform is gratitude: for others, experiences, events, and ourselves. Gratitude is appreciating something or someone for its gifts and benefits to us. When we practice gratitude and take a moment to appreciate something, no matter how small, we are filled with that energy of…
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