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Respond to Your Child’s Cues

“One extremely simple thing you can do to inspire your child to want to connect with people more often, is to respond to their cues. Our children’s cues mean – any communication, body language, or indication of their needs they could be using. When we respond to any and all cues our children give, we…
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Joining Creates the Bond You May Be Looking for

“When our children on the Autism Spectrum are stimming/isming (doing repetitious, self-stimulating behaviors,) they are showing us that their world is unpredictable and their brain is on overload. They ism as a way to create order in their lives. During these times, they need to go inwards to soothe and calm themselves in this erratic…
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Increase Your Child’s Interactive Attention Span with Slapstick Humor

“Slapstick Humor: What is it? When Tom chases Jerry and falls down a hole. When Cookie Monster munches all the cookies and say ‘nom nom nom nom’, when Sneezy the Dwarf has a HUGE SNEEZE coming and then lets it out. When Mr. Bean falls on the floor coughing and spluttering in the perfume department…
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Inspiring Your Child To Form Clear Single Words

“In The Son-Rise Program®, we never give up on communication with our children. We passionately and joyfully persist in finding ways to help our children on the Autism Spectrum communicate. One of the first communication skills we work on with our sweet children is helping them verbally communicate what they want or don’t want, using…
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Help your child play with you!

Use What Your Child Currently Loves To Do As A Way To Help Them Play With You! By Brandi Davis-Son-Rise Program® Senior Child Facilitator I would love to share with all of you how I helped our newest friend play with me yesterday! He is 7-years-old, on the Autism spectrum, and he has a laugh…
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