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Three Fun Holiday Activities to Play with Your Child on the Autism Spectrum

“Pin the nose on the snowman! 1. “Print off an image of a cartoon snowman and an image of a carrot from the internet. 2. “Cut the carrot out with scissors, and put some tape on the back. The carrot will act as the snowman’s nose. 3. “Tape the snowman to the wall of the…
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Here are some fun ideas to do with your children while celebrating the end of the year and the Holidays!

“Using 12 blank pieces of paper or individual cards, write down the fun activities below on each card: “Write Holiday Cards for your neighbors or stuffed animals. “Learn how to sing a new Holiday song. “Go on a nature walk and pick different fun things (twigs, pine cones, acorns, rocks, seeds, etc) – then make…
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Autism-Friendly Holiday Tips

“Autism does not take a break for the holidays. Although the holidays can be a great time to bond with family, you will know that with a child on the autism spectrum, the festive period comes with its fair share of challenges. Here are some survival tips for the holidays, so you and your child…
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Giving Thanks to our Children on the Autism Spectrum

“Last month, we held our latest Son-Rise Program Start-Up – our foundational E-Learning Training Course for parents and caregivers. Attending from seven different countries around the globe, these wonderful participants came together to help their beautiful children. The children were from the ages of 1-23, and the amazing people representing these children, turned to us…
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A Guide to Approaching the Holidays with Your Child

Would you like to move through this holiday season with more comfort and ease? Please know that we absolutely want to help you achieve this. Below, we have laid out some steps that will help you create a fun, relaxed and special experience for you, your beautiful child and your entire family. 1) Allow your child…
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