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I’m a proud Mummy of 2 sons, one of whom is blessed with Autism and the other who is his STAR therapist. We are currently involved in the Son Rise Program and absolutely enjoy every minute of it. Due to Anthony’s Autism we have become healthier, more aware, more loving, growing spiritually, mentally and absolutely…
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Meaningful Hope For A New Son-Rise Mom:

I just wrote this to a Son-Rise Program mom on my Facebook wall (check it out if you haven’t viewed it). She had written a sweet note to me. Hi, Amazing Rosemary: There are many who feel it is appropriate, even prudent, to look at a child and say they’ll never really improve or overcome…
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A Son-Rise Kind of Love

Imagine the beauty of a sleeping child … all innocent, all goodness, just perfect as is … that’s without looking tenderly into your eyes, without doing a single action (no performance required), without giving you anything – not even a smile, without making any overtures of love or caring, and without any indication that they…
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