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Inspiration on Joining!

FROM BECKY: Please watch and enjoy this beautiful video that demonstrates what we do when we join our children with Autism in their own worlds as a way to bond with them and relate to them in a meaningful and loving way. Listen to the words carefully and enjoy!

For The Love Of The Playroom!!

From: Kim Imagine yourself in the playroom… Now bring into your mind the absolute yummiest most incredible playroom moment that you can remember with your child… Grow this image huge… bigger, bigger, BIGGER YET!! Sit with this image in your mind…. Now, focus on the JOY you felt, the LOVE you experienced, and the CONNECTION…
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The One Who Loves the Most Wins!

FROM BECKY: I have just returned from one of the most amazing weeks of my life at the AutismOne conference in Chicago. During this week-long conference, parents and professionals gathered to watch lectures and learn more about the latest and greatest interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorders and to connect with others in the autism community.…
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Incredible Growth in Just Two Months!

FROM BECKY: At our Son-Rise Program Intensive this week, we are working with an incredible family from New York and their beautiful 7 year old girl! This family came to our Start-Up Program in February and have been working with their daughter for just two months. This little girl had no eye contact, she rarely…
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First Step

FROM WILLIAM:Recently I have been speaking with parents who want to know more about the Son-Rise Program and the foundation training course – The Start-Up Program. I have spoken with parents in Japan, England, Romania, Florida, Germany, New York city, etc. – I have travelled the world in my conversations of helping and guiding parents…
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Are You Judging How You Feel?

FROM BECKY: Being 11 weeks pregnant, I am experiencing things I have never experienced before in my new body. The waves of nausea that come and go throughout the day, sometimes feeling like car sickness, other times feeling like I’m on a rocking boat on a stormy sea. The pregnancy fatigue that hits me like…
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Hope & The Opposite Alternative

A Son-Rise Mom wrote me today that the doctors said her son with autism would never talk in a meaning way, never interact with warmth, never feel or express affection or love. Today, that little boy speaks endless sentences, hugs, plays affectionately, asks great questions and is so curious about the world. Why do people…
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Be what you want your volunteers to be

From Gaby: Be a happy detective when you look at your child, is one of the things we learn and use very often. Yesterday I was thinking about my feedbacks when I realized that I use the same principle when it comes to my volunteers. Be a happy detective when you want to find out…
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Do Something New to Help Your Child!

FROM BECKY: I am about to begin a series of lectures on The Son-Rise Program to small groups around the North East of the USA. This is the very first time I have done any presenting of any kind to a group and I am super excited and ready for this new adventure! When I…
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Choose a Happy Easter!

FROM SIMONE – It’s usual in these occasions that we wish each other a Happy occasion being it Easter, Christmas or any Holiday or special occasion. We wish as we would wish it to be sunny or rainy, wishing that something happens, something I have no control over. As we know and exercise with the…
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