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Spring Time Games

It’s Spring Time at the Autism Treatment Center of America® Here are some game ideas you can use to have fun with your child: Game # 1: Butterfly Tickles Get a colorful scarf or a colorful piece of fabric. Drape it over your back and shoulders. Pretend to be a butterfly as you flap your…
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The 7 Joining No-No’s you’re Probably Doing

Joining is one of the most crucial techniques of The Son-Rise Program®. It’s the first thing we do, and it is absolutely essential for building trust and rapport. When we join our children, we participate in their ism (“stims”) with deep interest and acceptance – without trying to change or redirect it. All learning and interaction…
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Need a pickup of your 3E’s? ENERGY EXCITEMENT and ENTHUSIASM

Have you lost your energy, enthusiasm and excitement when playing with your awesome child?  Do you sometimes find your eyes getting really heavy when your child is lining up his or her favorite toys, even though you downed a mocha latte before your play time?  Possibly, your thoughts have gone rogue and you notice that…
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Fully Recovered From Autism: Jake’s Son-Rise Program Journey

Brian and his wife, Susan, came to the Autism Treatment Center of America® in 1998 to attend the Son-Rise Program Start-Up. Since Jake’s recovery in 2002 Brian and his wife joined the staff here at the Autism Treatment Center of America and have supported thousands of parents. Here’s Jake’s Journey: Jake has fully recovered from…
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Creating & Sustaining Interactions with Your Child to Help Them to Become More Social

Autism is a social relational disorder. Creating and sustaining interactions with our children is a core factor in helping them become more social. What is an interaction? Well, an interaction could be anything from a tickle, to a board game, from you singing a song, to a conversation, from reading together, to wiping up a…
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This is Mati – What a Cutie Pie!Mati is a chatty and lively 5 year old with autism. I met him and his wonderful parents Carlos and Patricia in July in Argentina, when I was lucky enough to visit their home and do a Son-Rise Program outreach. During the outreach I got to watch Carols,…
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A Profound Experience with Joining

From Amanda: As you may have heard, the Autism Treatment Center of America has been on the road, visiting various communities as a way to share our knowledge and love for the Son-Rise Program®. On June 21st, I traveled to North Syracuse and spoke at the North Onondaga Public Library where I had a most…
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Inspiration on Joining!

FROM BECKY: Please watch and enjoy this beautiful video that demonstrates what we do when we join our children with Autism in their own worlds as a way to bond with them and relate to them in a meaningful and loving way. Listen to the words carefully and enjoy!


FROM BECKY: The heart and soul of the Son-Rise Program is joining our children in their world so that we can create a relationship and a loving, accepting rapport with our child which is the main challenge of a child with Autism. I have spent hours upon hours upon hours joining children in their repetitious…
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A Snap Shot From A Son-Rise Program Playroom

From Kate Wilde: A tiny three year old boy in the smallest pair of jeans stares with a blank expression on his face at a wall. His hands lightly touching the back of his jeans. So still and silent as he stares at the wall. Beside him a Son-Rise Program facilitator stares at the wall…
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