From Kate Wilde: Our first Son-Rise Program Intensive child for 2011 is such a cutie pie. He is just three years old, he has tufts of brown hair that stick up right at the top of his head making


No 3e’s!

FROM WILLIAM: So you have been to the Son-Rise Program Start-Up (and maybe other training programs) and have a solid foundation of what to do in the playroom with your child. Even with all that


Holding Objects

This week we have two 6 year old boys with autism attending training programs at The Autism Treatment Center of America. They have very different personalities and stages of development but they


Joining Joys!

FROM KATRINA: I love to join! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t walk into the playroom and think, I really hope this guy doesn’t want to play today so I can just join him. However, I


When In Doubt, Join!

FROM BECKY: This week at our Son-Rise Program Intensive, we have worked with the most delightful four year old boy who at times will look a lot during his exclusive activities (e.g. rolling a