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Hoop Games

Good Morning Everyone! The Autism Treatment Center of America sends you your Friday game! Enjoy trying these different hoop ideas with your children. These ideas are great to help your child look at you more, talk to you more and start to play imagination games. With much love to youKate

Games Games Games!

From Kate Wilde: This is your Friday Morning theme sent from The Autism Treatment Center of America. This is a complex theme that is designed for a child who is in stage 4 or 5 of  The Son-Rise Program Developmental Model. It can help your child with their academic skills, as well as goals such…
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From Kate Wilde: Verbal communication is made up of two components someone talking (either verbally or non-verbally) and someone listening. I recently wrote a short blog about listening, this blog is about how we talk to our children. This week at The Son-Rise Program Intensive we have the cutest little cherub with autism. He is…
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From Kate Wilde: :How can we help our children on the Autism spectrum talk more? How can we encourage our very talkative Autistic children to have conversations? One answer from the Son-Rise Program would be to listen, and by listen I mean really listen. The kind where you are not thinking of the next thing…
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Creative Conversations – A New Game Idea!

FROM KATE: Hi everyone! This week, we’re going to turn you all into funny characters to help inspire your children to want to have longer conversations with you. This game will suit children in stages 4 and 5 of The Son-Rise Program Social Developmental Model. When you try this game with your children, if you…
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Who Let the Down Out? DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN!

From Katrina: Hey all you fun loving people out there. Want to know a quick technique to encourage more clear, single words and keep your own complicated talking to a minimum? Try modeling the word you are encouraging to the tune of a song. You can either replace every word with the word you are…
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The Sound of Silence

FROM SIMONE – We live in a language world. People use language as the main means of communication and expression but they tend to forget it is not the only means of communication, in fact if your child does not speak very much they will be picking up in all sorts of messages from you…
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Conversation Skills Take 10

FROM BECKY: Hi Everyone! Here are a couple of ideas which will help you transition easily to conversational loops with your child The Son-Rise Program playroom. 1)Make sure that your child is at least stage three on The Son-Rise Program Developmental Model before really going for conversational loops as your goal. 2)Experiment with your child…
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Yet More Conversation Skills!

FROM BECKY: When working on conversational skills with children and adults at The Autism Treatment Center of America, something that I have seen to be incredibly helpful in inspiring our children to want to converse with us is to use explanations. Many of our children are motivated to have friends. I have specifically seen this…
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Conversations Take 8

FROM BECKY: Hi Beautiful People! A short and sweet one for you. Ok, I understand, you want the world for your child. There sometimes seems like so much to work on and not enough time. This will help you slow down and smell the roses. When working on conversational skills with your child, try sticking…
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