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A Letter From a Long Time Son-Rise Program Mum to All of You!

You are just the person with whom I so want to connect.  I have a now 27 year old son, Sean, on the Autism Spectrum, and like you, have been on a very long and winding road with this wonderfully special child of mine. I have long wanted to help put together a program for…
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Inspiring Your Child to Verbally Communicate instead of using other forms of communication (PECS, Sign Language, Apps)

When you have a child on the autism spectrum, you are faced with so much information. There are a multitude of different approaches and ideas that are available to you. You can often feel overwhelmed in your quest to support your child in the best way possible, and be a little lost at what to…
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What to Do When Potty Training Efforts Have Stalled

Potty training takes persistence and patience on the part of any parent, but this goes double for the parents of children challenged by autism and autism spectrum disorders. Your child may have difficulty giving up established routines, communicating, have sensory issues or even have low muscle tone, all of which can make toilet training into…
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Fully Recovered From Autism: Jake’s Son-Rise Program Journey

Brian and his wife, Susan, came to the Autism Treatment Center of America® in 1998 to attend the Son-Rise Program Start-Up. Since Jake’s recovery in 2002 Brian and his wife joined the staff here at the Autism Treatment Center of America and have supported thousands of parents. Here’s Jake’s Journey: Jake has fully recovered from…
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Top 7 Autism Books We Recommend for the Entire Family

We have families reach out to us all the time looking for books or resources to really help them understand and ultimately find ways to better support their children with Autism. We have listed our top 7 favorite Autism Books we often recommend for families seeking advice on dietary needs, ways to approach autism, and…
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20+ Autism Games & Autism Activities Your Child Will Love

When you have a child with autism, the world can seem to get overwhelmingly serious and stressful. Thankfully, one of the most effective ways to connect with your child and encourage their socialization is through the space of PLAY! Autism games and autism activities are playful communications designed to encourage connection and relationship between you…
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What is Autism? A Unique Perspective of Hope

Autism is unfortunately becoming a popular term nowadays. But what IS autism? Most professionals will tell you that autism is a neurological behavioral disorder. While it might be neurologically based, we believe it is important to define autism for yourself and your child in a way that builds towards a path of treatment, and hopefully…
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Is Your 2 Year Old Not Talking? Language Delay Solutions & Tips

A 2 year old child is a wonder to behold. Week to week, and even day-to-day, it can seem that the face and body are constantly transforming, and your child’s unique personality really starts to come out. But what if your 2 year old is not talking yet? What if you’re not seeing all the…
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Is My Child Autistic?

Suspecting that your child may have autism can be both frightening and overwhelming. Find out whether you need to make an appointment with your pediatrician.

early signs of autism

Early Signs of Autism

If you are the parents of a child you think might be on the autism spectrum, the first thing for you to know is that you don’t have to be afraid. There is help out there that can really change things for your lovely child. And if you’ve heard that an autism diagnosis is a…
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