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The Importance of Connecting Before Requesting

“Your child with autism experiences many different requests and demands daily. It happens in school, in therapies, with their peers, or at home with their family members. As a parent, it is understandable to make requests of your child. After all, you want to see your child become social and be able to relate to…
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Let our Children be our Teachers!!

“Our children with Autism explore the world around them, with great curiosity…showing NO JUDGMENTS to any situation or person… “Can WE embrace OUR CHILDREN with this same degree or curiosity and acceptance?” Camila Titone, Senior Son-Rise Program Teacher

Three Fun Holiday Activities to Play with Your Child on the Autism Spectrum

“Pin the nose on the snowman! 1. “Print off an image of a cartoon snowman and an image of a carrot from the internet. 2. “Cut the carrot out with scissors, and put some tape on the back. The carrot will act as the snowman’s nose. 3. “Tape the snowman to the wall of the…
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Use Your Precious Time and Energy in a Way That Supports You

“How much time do you spend on the aspects of your life that you enjoy/feel good about, compared to the times spent with aspects that you don’t enjoy or even resent? “Your time, energy, and efforts are highly precious, especially when raising a child on the autism spectrum. Your days are already primarily devoted to…
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Here are some fun ideas to do with your children while celebrating the end of the year and the Holidays!

“Using 12 blank pieces of paper or individual cards, write down the fun activities below on each card: “Write Holiday Cards for your neighbors or stuffed animals. “Learn how to sing a new Holiday song. “Go on a nature walk and pick different fun things (twigs, pine cones, acorns, rocks, seeds, etc) – then make…
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When you love someone with Autism

“When you love someone with Autism… you learn that you don’t need as much to fulfill your life anymore. That there are things more important than worrying about the judgments of others. You can fill yourself with love for someone without needing anything back. “You realize that acceptance starts with you and how complete you…
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Autism-Friendly Holiday Tips

“Autism does not take a break for the holidays. Although the holidays can be a great time to bond with family, you will know that with a child on the autism spectrum, the festive period comes with its fair share of challenges. Here are some survival tips for the holidays, so you and your child…
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What To Consider … When You Are Taking Your Child On Outings.

What To Consider When Taking Your Child On Outings “Picture this scenario: you just had a sweet moment with your child on the Autism Spectrum, giving them tickles and kisses. Your child is laughing and coming back for more. You are so happy to have the connection. You suddenly realize what time it is and…
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Why Varying Your Child’s Favorite Game is Helpful

“Socially connecting and relating to people is a big challenge for our children on the autism spectrum. Therefore, we want to help our children view people as exciting and fun to be around as much as possible. Each time you work on your child’s social skills, it becomes a stepping stone to helping them in…
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Setting limits and boundaries in The Son-Rise Program® way

“In The Son-Rise Program we teach the importance of following our children’s lead and giving them as much control as possible. However, as important as it is to give control to our children in The Son-Rise Program, it is also important to set clear boundaries to help create a safe environment for our children, and…
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