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Is My Child Autistic?

Suspecting that your child may have autism can be both frightening and overwhelming. Find out whether you need to make an appointment with your pediatrician.

early signs of autism

Early Signs of Autism

If you are the parents of a child you think might be on the autism spectrum, the first thing for you to know is that you don’t have to be afraid. There is help out there that can really change things for your lovely child. And if you’ve heard that an autism diagnosis is a…
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Chapter 4 – Motivation: The Key to Everything.

Kate Wilde, Director, The Son-Rise Program Motivation is everything. We work harder, learn quicker and engage more when we are really interested and enjoying what we are doing. Raun K. Kaufman in his book, “Autism Breakthrough: The Groundbreaking Method that has Helped Families All Over the World.” says: “Motivation is the engine of growth. It…
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Five helpful tips for CREATIVITY!!!

Article by: Kim Korpady Son-Rise Program®Team Trainer & Professional Training Coordinator In The Son-Rise Program® we see creativity as a key piece in helping form a deep connection to our children on the Autism Spectrum. Oftentimes we hear from parents around the World … “I’m just not creative.” But the thing is … WE ACTUALLY…
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Motivation is the key to all social interactions

Article by: Camila Titone Son-Rise Program® Teacher Senior Son-Rise Program® Child Facilitator This morning I was in the Son-Rise Program® playroom, here at the Autism Treatment Center of America® with our very sweet five year old friend. He had very fine, long, blonde hair and he loved to move his head around and watch his own hair hit his…
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Autism Parenting: Should We Do the Opposite of What Everyone’s Telling Us?

Article by: Raun K. Kaufman Director of Global Education Autism Treatment Center of America® Facing the turmoil of an autism diagnosis, it’s totally understandable for us to feel pressured into using an approach with our children that doesn’t feel right to us. Most parents of children on the autism spectrum have been told that they…
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By Raun K. KaufmanDirector of Global Education, Autism Treatment Center of America® Joining is one of the most crucial techniques of The Son-Rise Program®. It’s the first thing we do, and it is absolutely essential for building trust and rapport. When we join our children, we participate in their ism (“stims”) with deep interest and…
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Feeling Loving and Easy … no matter what your child is doing

Susan Humphries Son-Rise Program® Teacher, Autism Treatment Center of America® All of us have moments when we are uneasy, frustrated, angry, sad, afraid, or some version of “uncomfortable” in circumstances involving our children. So let’s talk about turning this frustration into elation! Here are some of the most common “uncomfortable” circumstances that parents tell us…
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NEW PRODUCTS & NEW PRICE – The Son-Rise Program Starter Kit

The Son-Rise Program Starter Kit ($74.95 + Shipping/handling) is a specially priced selection of outstanding resources designed to help you, your family, your support team and everyone else in your child’s life to be able to: Help your child immediately. Further understand The Son-Rise Program. Prepare for a Son-Rise Program Start-Up. This package includes everything…
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7 Guidelines to Try When Your Child on the Autism Spectrum Cries or Tantrums

“These basic guidelines will help you help your child learn to communicate in a sweeter easier way when going after their wants and desires. To communicate what you want in a sweet and clear way is an important social quality to have, particularly in your relationships with family, friends, in school, at work, etc. 1.…
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