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Work on Self-Help Skills with Your Child with Autism

“Dressing, Toileting, Washing, Brushing teeth, Combing hair, and Eating Independently – these are just a few of the skills that will support your child with autism to learn to take care of themselves. Here are some helpful suggestions that will show you how you can approach these things in a fun and motivating way for…
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Autism and Puberty “HOW TO’S”

“In The Son-Rise Program, we welcome all changes that our children are going through with open arms. When our children hit puberty, this territory comes along with many new changes. As our children’s bodies develop and change, we will want to help them with important self-grooming skills. Encouraging them to embrace things like shower and…
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Gain New Inspiration with Toilet Training Your Child

“Potty training our children in the Autism Spectrum can take persistence and patience, but the great news is that it is POSSIBLE! “If you have started potty training, but feel like you have stalled, we have some Son-Rise Program tips to share that could help get you back on the path to a diaper-free existence.…
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2 Tips to Help Your Teenager with Personal Hygiene

You made it! The time has come in your child’s life where they have reached puberty and you now have a hormonal teenager on your hands. Their body is changing and they are entering into their new journey towards adulthood. The Autism Treatment Center of America receives many questions from parents and caregivers about how…
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