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A Steps Game Idea

FROM SIMONE – My son loves going up and down staircases so I came up with this game to use his motivation. I printed, cut and laminated strips with actions written on them. The writing in red colour of minimum 3″ in size is on purpose to stimulate the side of the brain which deals…
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Movers and Shakers!

From Katrina: Yesterday I was talking with some Autism Treatment Center of America staff about sensory integration and how our children can connect most effectively when their bodies and nervous systems are in an optimal state of arousal. This reminded me of how at another conference I heard the term Attention Prioritizing Disorder (vs Attention…
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From Kate Wilde: Learning New Things

From Kate Wilde: Hi everyone! Today I have the added pleasure of doing another person’s computer job, as well as the lovely teaching and playing with children on the Autism Spectrum that I normally do here at The Autism Treatment Center of America. I spent the best part of yesterday ever so slowly following a…
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