Four Reasons to Stop and Listen When Helping Your Child Talk

Imagine that your child is already trying to talk. Now, entertain the idea that your son, or daughter may already be saying words, or parts of words. Open your heart up to the belief that your

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Determining if your child is ready for play

Help With Determining If Your Child Is Ready To Play: In The Son-Rise Program® we talk about Green Lights and Red Lights. If your child is giving you Red Lights they are indicating to you


Three Ways to Help You Feel Energized and Excited When Helping Your Child!

Countless families have asked me over the years how I remain so energetic when helping children on the Autism spectrum. I’ve heard variations of: "How do you do it?" "How

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Tips for Introducing New Toys and Games to Your Child with Autism

Do you find that your child has a challenge with playing new games? Are they controlling when you introduce a new toy, or prop? Do they say “no,” or take those toys out of your hand?

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Focus on Fun First!

A few reasons why The Son-Rise Program® focuses on fun first! Your child wants to have fun just like other children do! Children on the Autism spectrum may need to take care of themselves and


Giving Your Child Explanations

Explanations are the key to opening up countless doorways of success for your child: Before you continue reading this article, take some time to reflect on the question that I am about to ask


Organizing Your Child’s First Playdate

So the time has come, it’s the moment you have been waiting for, your child is ready for some peer interaction…their first play date!!! (Or “hang out session” if your


Joining 101

Joining 101   “Joining” is not only an attitudinal fundamental of The Son-Rise Program®, but also a core technique we can apply with our children. When we join our