Fun and Games

Game Idea

A Game to play with your child. A new version of hot or cold. Goal: To help your child read facile expressions of others. Game: 1. Hide something of interest in the room you are working with your


Change is possible.

Recently I have been talking to a number of parents who think that they have a time limit on how long they can help their children. One Mom said that she is nervous because her child is 12 years


Beauty in Joining

Hullo wonderful friends! I want to share an beautiful experience I had in the playroom today. The past two weeks our staff here have been lucky enough to work with the most incredible 32 year old


Love With Abandonment

Today is a great day, my niece is 8 today, she is a lovely lively chatty and completely delightful lady who is a shinning example of giving gratitude and loving without restraint. Today I wake up


Inspiring Video

Hi Everyone! Check out this incredible video. I met these parents through The Son-Rise Program when they started their program with their son Adrian. What I love about the video is that it